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rassroots Films has been in business since 2006 when it was incorporated by four individuals who met at a half way house in Brooklyn, New York. With a desire to create content that entertains and enlightens, Grassroots Films has reached beyond its humble beginnings to become a full featured studio capable of handling projects of all sizes. Our Staff is made up of creative individuals who are interested and passionate about making a difference through the art of motion picture. With a healthy track record in viral campaigns, short films, and feature length documentaries, Grassroots Films is a brand that continues to push the limits of what an independent film company can do.

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Michael Campo
Co-Founder, Writer, Producer
Campo has written and produced numerous promotional pieces, commercials and viral web videos, in addition to The Human Experience. He also travels as a public speaker around the world with the film sharing his first-hand experiences in creating it. Campo has recently become a father and is currently working on his first novel.
Clifford Azize
Co-Founder, Producer
Clifford appears in the film The Human Experience alongside his brother, Jeffrey, as they journey together from Manhattan, to Lima and Ghana. Azize grew up in Brooklyn, New York and has been working in filmmaking since 2001. His other film projects include Fishers of Men, God In the Streets of New York City and several campaign pieces, commercials, and creative ad spots.
Joseph Campo
Co-Founder, Producer
A native of Long Island, Campo has been a professional photographer since the early 70s. His passion for art matured into a career in filmmaking as a producer, cinematographer, and still photographer. He has produced The Human Experience, Fishers of Men, God in the Streets of New York City, as well as other notable ad spots, short films, and commercials. He also travels the globe as a public speaker.
  Feature Films

Grassroots Films Inc. is focused on continuing the production of feature films, and is open to collaboration with other filmmakers.

The Human Experience was Grassroots Films Inc. first feature length documentary. The film had a theatrical release in the midwest, and a grand opening in NY and LA before gaining distribution. We continue to strive in this field as a valuable player among the millions of film companies today. What makes us different is our desire to create films that entertain, and inspire. Currently we have begun production on a new documentary that is focused on a group of monks living to serve others. Expected release date is Spring of 2014.

We are also exploring the possibilities of collaborating with other companies and film makers from all over the globe. We find that through these positive relationships we are able to build a trusted community of film makers interested in making a difference.


Call Grassroots Films for a quote for your next project. Our team specializes in highly valued content that can promote any business willing to take that next step.

Our attitude and skills have made our company very successful in creating promotional content for different organizations. Our promotional work has defined companies who see the value in hiring a top tier film studio to create their content. Our creativity, and talent allows for promotional content that is unrivaled, and our past relationships with other film makers and musician in the business makes us affordable to the needs of all seeking, high quality promotional work.


We have successfully reached millions of viewers through our campaigns and work with organizations of all sizes to create content that is remembered.

The campaigns we have been a part of are challenging. Getting people excited about something today has its share of difficulties, but thats a challenge we have continued to meet and overcome for all organizations who have hired us. Our content created has generated millions of eyeballs in short periods of time. We enjoy working with people who have a mission they are trying to accomplish, and we enjoy being apart of that mission and helping them succeed.

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